12 Best Lead Generation Ideas to Implement in 2021

1. Leverage the Power of Interactivity

i. Quizzes

ii. Calculators

iii. Chatbots

iv. Ecommerce Recommendations

v. Giveaways and Contests

2. Provide Insider Access to Your Company Growth

3. Give a Sneak-Peek Into Groundbreaking Client Case Studies

4. Talk Your Way Into More Leads

5. Have a Fantastic Free Tool? Share it!

6. Make an Academy Out of Your Team!

7. Hop on Platforms That Offer a Community

8. Influencers, Affiliates Everywhere!


FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What are lead generation activities?

Q2 How do you make lead generation fun?

Q3 How do you find B2B leads?

Q4 Is lead generation sales or marketing?

Q5 Is lead generation profitable?



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