23 Best Interactive Content Examples

15 min readFeb 17, 2021


We’re living in the age where we are constantly bombarded with content wherever we go. And it’s difficult to stand out. That’s why it’s not surprising that multiple brands have chosen to incorporate different interactive content examples in various ways within their marketing toolkit. Interactive content ensures that customers and visitors are able to have more engaging and delightful experiences before they inevitably move on to the next post, story, or video on their social media feeds. Interactive content helps with customer acquisition and engagement, which is why it has become a core part of the marketing strategy in the 2020s. Here are 23 powerful interactive content examples created by some of your favorite brands!

Why Interactive Content?

Interactive content’s reach and impact has been on a steady growth, as statistics show. 93% of marketers acknowledge that utilizing interactive content in some way or the other has been extremely effective in educating buyers. This is because interactive content can be customized and tailored to provide personalized results and outcomes suited to each customer, in a way that static content like blogs or infographics are not able to. Interactive content is a boon for marketers looking to enhance their marketing campaigns. It allows a company to segment their statistics for leads/growth etc. This kind of content also boosts customer engagement by increasing traffic as well as conversion rates. Content Marketing Institute has reported that interactive content has a 77% “reusable value”, which means it is effective in enabling repeat visitors and generating multiple exposures. DemandGen has reported that interactive content gets two times more engagement than static content. Brands such as Airbnb, Spotify, and IBM are just a few examples of how interactive content can be used in different industries and across different use cases. With all this in mind, here are some of the best interactive content marketing examples!

Interactive Content Examples

1. Airbnb

As the first of our interactive content examples, Airbnb takes a Buzzfeed-esque approach with its “Design Personality” Quiz. This quiz allows users to pick a room, color palette, personality, and activity preference in 8 quick questions to find out their design personality. This quiz also provides the option for users to share their results with friends to maximize the fun! Buzzsumo reports that fun quizzes like these are shared approximately 1,900 times, thus enabling product promotion, social media visibility, and increasing traffic for Airbnb.

2. Spotify

Music streaming giant Spotify decided to take a simpler approach by providing a quiz that users can take regardless of the day. They did so by sharing a Mood Quiz that would allow users to find a playlist based on their current mood. This was an extremely effective quiz as it provided users a personalized result based on their mood at that very moment! This was also beneficial for the brand as they provide a link for customers to be able to listen to the recommended playlist straight away. This playlist was also in line with Spotify’s tagline “Music for every mood”, thus showing us a new way to promote your brand and products!

3. Outgrow Idea Generator

We did it before it got cool, jk! Another way to incorporate interactive content is to include an idea generator that would provide more suggestions and ideas for newer interactive content you can share in the future! This idea generator built using Outgrow does just that. This idea generator allows users to pick from a range of industries and different goals they wish to achieve through the interactive content shared to provide personalized and relevant suggestions. This is surely an innovative way to integrate interactive content into your existing marketing strategies.

4. IBM

IBM provides us with a unique take on landing pages as part of interactive content. They allow users to explore “Industry City”. Users can scroll to change industries and are given full access to interact with the different aspects that make up every industry. There are also various videos that show up on the right side of the screen for users who would like to find out more. Landing pages like the one employed by IBM also have immense advantages. They can allow you to increase traffic to your website and products as more customers would wish to engage with them. They can also help you learn more about which strategies your customers respond more positively to, and also which of your leads are more interested in your brand as a whole. But that’s not all, as they also enable you to analyze the potential of your existing marketing campaigns.

5. Audi

Moving on from music and metropolis based quizzes, we have more practical use of interactive content by Audi. Audi shared a quiz that allowed them to finance an Audi with a Personal Contract Plan. The best part is that it’s a real-time calculator that edits and adjusts the amounts and provides a full list of payments based on the users’ results. The data collected based on users’ preferences in this calculator allows Audi to better target customers with appropriate sales and marketing offers in the future, thus ensuring higher purchases.

6. Uber

If buying your own car is not a preference for you, not to fret! Uber’s got your back. Uber provided customers with an interactive quiz with two quick questions allowing users to estimate the fare of their ride. They also provided two options to request a ride now or schedule it for later. Perfect for customers who love to avoid math! This quiz allows the users to have a more transparent look into Uber’s offerings which can contribute to increased customer satisfaction rates. It also increases the traffic to the website.

7. Sephora

Sephora takes personalization a step further in its e-commerce recommendation quiz. It allows users to choose from a wider range of skin concerns, types of products, or clean products. There are different options at every step to enable users to find the exact product for their exact needs. The quiz gives users more than one result in the end too, allowing users to pick and choose until the end. This quiz also worked as a promotion strategy by showcasing the brand’s extensive line of products to its customers. Users would be extremely likely to share quizzes such as these that seek to educate them and provide personalized suggestions amongst thousands of products. It improves the customer’s experience with the brand and shortens the sales cycle.

8. AssoConnect

AssoConnect is a French company that provides association management software. They provided their customers with a calculator to determine their compulsory contribution. The calculator was a real-time calculator that shows how the total value changes when tweaking individual answers. They were able to easily build the tool using Outgrow.co and it turned out to be very useful to their customers. Providing interactive calculators is another way to increase your brand credibility as you would show your customers that you have the knowledge and answers they are looking for. Interactive content of this sort is an excellent marketing strategy that can help you increase your customer satisfaction rates and brand loyalty.

9. Chase

Chase takes another practical approach to interactive content by providing numerous calculators on their website. They provide a Mortgage, Affordability, Extra Payments Calculator along with a Home Value Estimator allowing users to make the best-informed decisions for their concerns. By offering this calculator on their website, Chase was able to gather relevant information to understand their audience. This calculator asks for inputs such as down payments, interest rates, incomes, etc. It is also a great way to get insight into the position they are in in the buyer’s journey to facilitate effective communication between the company and its customers.

10. Amazon

Amazon decided to take assessments a step further by combining that with giveaways during the festive sale period. Users can pick from various quizzes. And all quizzes come with enticing giveaways from brands like Michael Kors to L’Oreal. Users would be eligible for the giveaway by filling in 6 quick questions. This provided notable brands like Michael Kors, Amazon, and L’Oreal benefits such as product promotions and social media visibility. It also ensured that customers were engaged, entertained and spread festive cheer everywhere!

11. Masculine Style

Masculine Style is a styling consultancy for men. They provided their users with a quiz titled “Learn Your Archetype”. This quiz aimed to help men learn how they could improve upon their dressing styles according to their personalities. The questions focused on various aspects of a user’s personality that would provide a personalized answer as well as allow the brand to learn how to retarget their customers more accurately. The quiz was a success for the customers as well as the company. The customers were able to gain valuable insight into how to express themselves through their fashion and persona. And the company was able to increase its social media and website traffic by presenting such useful information in an engaging manner. The quiz also skyrocketed their conversion rates by 33%, to enable them to gain new leads and customers. But that’s not all, Masculine Style was also able to gain 33,000 new leads and 134,000 visits through this quiz they built using Outgrow. co.

12. Marvel

Moving back to fun quizzes, we have to include Marvel! Marvel brings a superhero-themed quiz that allows users to pick from various aspects of their personality in 10 quick questions to find out “the mark that speaks to our true identities”. Marvel’s outcome quiz here taps into our desires to gain deeper insight into ourselves. By providing this quiz, the brand was able to increase engagement with their fans, promote brand awareness, and create lasting hype. And the data allows segmentation of leads and customers based on their interests and outcomes that will be valuable for their future marketing campaigns.

13. Zara

You gotta dress the part after figuring out your superhero mark of course! This is where Zara’s quiz comes in handy. Zara provided its users with a quiz to get rid of the hassle of guesstimating their size when shopping for new fits with their “What’s My Size” quiz. After all, the perfect fit can gloriously transform any and every outfit! By providing a quiz of this sort, the company was able to gain data based on a user’s preferences as well as their actual size, which would allow Zara to market better-suited products to customers in the future. This quiz would undoubtedly be extremely useful to Zara’s customers, who would then be encouraged to share it further. In doing so, they would guarantee higher purchase rates and product promotion, creating a win-win situation for all.

14. World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also jumped on the interactive content bandwagon with an assessment quiz that allows users to check how much they know about Universal Health Coverage. This was one of the most informative as well as enlightening approaches to interactive content we have seen so far. Kudos to them! After filling up the answers and clicking on “check your answers”, WHO provided a brief explanation for every answer you got right or wrong. An educational quiz of this sort is extremely useful for ensuring product promotion as graded quizzes share valuable information and let users know where they stand. A graded quiz from a brand as reputable as WHO is also more likely to be shared thus increasing traffic for WHO and satisfaction for its customers. It helps users take a greater interest in the topic and helps WHO’s brand standing.

15. Wizarding World

The Wizarding World provides the most magical approach to interactive content bewitching all the wizards out there! The Wizarding World brings all Harry Potter, and specifically Remus Lupin fans together to keep his character alive by sharing a graded quiz that would allow users to check how well they know his quotes. Trendy quizzes of this sort are easily able to pick up immense numbers of shares and have high participation rates also. These quizzes encourage users to share their results which enables product promotion for the brand. It is also an effective method to segment leads based on their responses and outcomes for better retargeting in future newsletters and landing pages. Ready for a real-life magical duel?

16. Game of Thrones

The land of Game of Thrones has another trick up its sleeve! They provided an incredible way to interact with the setting and fictional locations of the novel through their landing page. Users can hover over and click on various icons throughout their map. Once clicked, the icons provide a short summary of the chosen locality. Truly another engaging and immersive way to utilize interactive content! Landing pages like the one used by GOT are an excellent way to incorporate interactive content into your marketing strategies. They definitely leave the audience impressed and hooked to find out more about your brand, which would translate into more engagement and brand awareness. They can enable you to maximize your social media channels as they have high shareability.

17. Prophix

Prophix is a virtual financial analysis company. Their approach to interactive content was bookish, but not in the way you’re thinking right now! They provided their users with an interactive e-book that talks about the next evolution of finance. The e-book provided a compilation of textual and auditory material, which is an excellent way to keep your customers engaged! Interactive e-books are another fascinating approach to interactive content. They can be remarkably visually appealing for users. Providing an interactive ebook would also help establish your brand as reputable, and willing to solve your customer’s problems with innovative solutions. Interactive e-books are also a great way to generate leads and educate your customers.

18. Thrive Business Solutions

Business consultants Thrive Business Solutions used interactive content in the finance industry. They used Outgrow. co to build a calculator to help their customers generate an accountancy quote instantly. A benefit of using a calculator is that through the lead generation page, Thrive Business was able to collect qualified leads. In the screenshot, we can also see they include an option for customers to receive updates for other events along with their quote. This helps ensure only the people interested in their services will be interacting with the calculator, so, they would be gathering only relevant leads. Their calculator consisted of various questions such as business type, annual turnover, how often they run their payroll, and details about their customer’s pension scheme which allowed them to demographically segment their customers for better retargeting in their future marketing campaigns. Through this calculator, they were able to gain a conversion rate of 23%.

19. Connected Health

Connected Health brought interactive content into the health and wellness industry. They built an assessment quiz using Outgrow. co to help their audience assess their knowledge of healthy food options for diabetes control. An assessment quiz of this sort was immensely useful for the company and customers alike. The customers were presented with important information in an easily comprehensible and extremely engaging manner. And Connected Health was able to increase their conversion rates by 50% after embedding this quiz on their website. Assessment quizzes like these also help in increasing the trustworthiness of a company as well as brand loyalty.

20. Outgrow ROI Calculator

Our next example is an ROI calculator. This calculator from Outgrow allows users to quickly calculate the ROI of using Outgrow’s services. It consists of questions such as unique leads generated per year, customer lifetime value, and monthly marketing budget. And this calculator provides a clear bar graph illustrating just how much you can save by using Outgrow’s interactive content platform. We can all relate to the hassle of choosing which platform would be best suited for our interactive content marketing needs. But fear not, this calculator will let you know exactly how you can efficiently budget your marketing finances as well as all the savings you can generate by using our platform!

21. Golf Avenue

Golf Avenue is an online retailer for golf equipment. They provided their customers with an interactive quiz titled “Guess Your Handicap”. It features questions numerous useful questions for the users such as the number of birdies, length of a hit, and how many golf balls lost to suggest an estimate of their handicap. The quiz was extremely useful for the users and the company alike. The quiz benefitted both sides as it allowed users to have an engaging and interactive experience, which echoes the company’s own principles. And for the company, this was a great way to build on their brand awareness and loyalty. The quiz also helped in the brand’s lead segmentation strategies as users with different responses to the questions can be retargeted more appropriately. This quiz that they built using Outgrow. co helped them generate 57,000 leads and a whopping 286,000 visits!

22. Barões Digital Publishing

Barões Digital Publishing is a publishing house in Brazil. They provided their users with an outcome quiz titled “Which City Should You Move To In 2021? This quiz was an extremely useful tool for their client QuintoAndar. The quiz’s engaging nature was the secret behind its success. It allowed QuintoAndar to improve upon their demographic segmentation strategies by learning about their user’s preferences through their results and answers. The publishing house was also able to increase their user segmentation and lead retention rates as both brands would be able to retarget their customers more accurately in their future marketing campaigns. The outcome of this quiz was pretty positive for the publishing house too! It helped generate over 22,000 leads and 63,000 visits, thus enhancing their marketing strategies immensely.

23. Maybelline

Here’s the last of our interactive content examples. Everyone has a different skin combination. And certain products may not be suitable for all, depending on their skin type. Now instead of providing a lengthy blog for their customers to find a suitable product, Maybelline chose a different approach. A much more aesthetic and interactive, as well as engaging approach — a recommendation quiz. This recommendation quiz allowed users to find the foundation shade most appropriate for their individual skin type. Within 4 quick questions, anyone can find the results for their recommended foundation shade. The results from this quiz can be used to segment leads based on skin type. One can target those customers with more relevant products and offers in the future also.

Before We Go!

We hope this article helped you learn about the broad use cases of interactive content and how it can help brands and customers, as well as inspire other marketers like you to create your own! It used to require a lot of development work to build these content pieces, but we created Outgrow. co so that any marketer can build these powerful tools on their own. Do you have any amazing interactive content examples that you’d like to share with us? Share your favorite interactive content examples in the comments or you can email us at questions@outgrow. co.




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