23 Mindblowing Statistics On Giveaways And Contests In 2020

Giveaways and contests are the millennial generations of interactive content types. They’re not only extremely fun and engaging but also a great gift to marketers. They are cost-effective and the right way might extend your social reach by a great manifold. Now let’s talk numbers, shall we? Here are some great statistics on giveaways and contests that will tell you all about them.

Best Practices –

1. The best duration for your campaign is 25 days to 60 days.

About The Market –

1. Entertainment is the topmost industry to run contests, followed by music and technology.

Customer Behavior –

1. 33% contest participants are open to receiving information about the brand and partners.

Demographics –

1. 53% of participants of contests are male while 47% of participants are female.

Benefits Of Contests –

1. An average of over 34% of new customers are acquired through contests.


Looks like we learned a lot about giveaways and contests! They’re great as lead magnets and have proven to be great for brands and marketers. But statistics are not all. There’s so much about giveaways that we still haven’t talked about. And we’re sure you have the questions. So we’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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