7 Ways of Marketing and Branding on BitClout

It’s a new day. And unsurprisingly, the digital space has managed to come up with something new. With another application, software, and platform coming up everyday, we’re all trying to build the next big thing. But only a few manage to make the cut. And this time, it’s a fun mix of social media and cryptocurrency — BitClout!

What Is the Buzz Around BitClout?

Who would want to miss a chance to bet on the popularity of figures like Elon Musk, Rihanna or even Narendra Modi to make a few quick bucks? Well, that’s what BitClout is all about. It may look like Twitter, but that’s where the similarities end.

How Can You Market and Brand on BitClout?

1. Grow Your Professional Network by Trading

Trading is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about social media. But if you’re looking to grow your professional network on BitClout, you need to invest and sell. It’s not just any other social media platform, after all! Look up influential profiles who you feel will grow and become more popular in social clout. Buy their creator coins and interact with them using your BitClout account.

2. Keep Engaging With Your Audience

But hey, that’s like the key to any social media platform. So, why should BitClout be any different? Gaining a good following and engagement with those followers is a prerequisite to any digital presence. So, start conversations and engage with the community. Talk about topics that you feel your audience would benefit from. Reply to comments, retweets, likes and so much more.

3. Stay Relevant by Staying on Top of Trends

Well, the first trend that you need to stay on top of is definitely BitClout. But the next step is to stay on top of the trends in your industry. As a content creator, you need to act as an authentic source of information for your audience. Create relevant content that will get talked about and add value to the people in your industry. It should attract, get retweeted, liked, and commented on. It should spark a discussion! Talk about the latest happenings, the right influencers, and upscale your social media marketing.

4. Grow Your Social Clout by Staying Active on Other Platforms

This isn’t exactly a BitClout hack, but it will definitely make you popular on the platform. People invest in your coin based on your potential popularity in real life and other social media platforms. This is why you need to stay on top of your game both in real life and on other social media platforms.

5. Engage in Influencer Marketing

The power of influencer marketing hasn’t stayed limited to just the other social media platforms. You can use it on BitClout too! Influencer marketing is all about using someone else’s social standing to gain an audience for your product, service, or brand.

6. Share Content That Attracts

BitClout lets you share links, images, GIFs, and so much more. Make use of that! Write good copy that attracts your audience and motivates them to respond. Use attractive and relevant visual content that informs and entertains at the same time.

7. Hold the Right Coins

And finally, we move on to the last tip that will help you tap the waiting-to-be-tapped potential of BitClout. Invest carefully. Whose coins you hold will have a huge impact on how you perform on BitClout. Do your research and place your bets carefully. Chances are, the companies and people you buy and interact with will be the key to getting a lot of investors for yourself.


If you’re working or even exist in the digital space, BitClout is not something you can ignore. BitClout is all about security, transparency, and blockchain when it comes to transactions. So fear not, you can shed away all doubts before you decide to get involved.

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