9 Must-Have Conversion Rate Optimization Tools In 2020

9 min readJun 11, 2020


It’s exciting to see a spike in the number of your website visitors, isn’t it? Finally, that marketing strategy is working out and people are attracted to your content. Awesome! But, as you dig deeper into your website metrics dashboard, the feelings may start to fade if you find that the number leads and conversions have remained stagnant. Ever thought of conversion rate optimization tools? Well, don’t worry — we are going to discuss them in detail.

Conversions are the fuel that keeps websites alive. Getting your audience’s attention will behold little value if you fail to capture the lead. After all, every step of the marketing funnel boils down to conversions and revenue. Hence, Conversion Rate Optimization is a serious concept you can’t afford to miss. Don’t believe us?

Study shows that using correct targeting and testing methods and tools can boost conversion rates up to 300%. In fact, top converting companies allocate more than 5% of their marketing budgets on optimization. If these figures interest you, have a look at these CRO stats!

We have assembled 9 conversion rate optimization tools that will take care of all the above-mentioned elements to drive your website traffic and conversions alike.

9 Tools To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

A VentureBeat study revealed that the average ROI of using CRO tools is 223%. So, let’s dive in to discover the best conversion rate optimization tools that will boost your sales.

1. UserTesting — For Human Insight And Feedback

UserTesting will easily become your best friend as it helps you collect relevant customer insights from your target audiences.

With the UserTesting panel in your hand, you can receive fast feedback on your new campaign or new product, from the precise personas and target consumers in just 1–2 hours, without slowing down development. These actionable insights can help you understand how your target audience interacts with your design and if they feel something is confusing or misleading to them.

UserTesting also helps companies with competitive usability testing, market intelligence, and settling disputes with stakeholders. Finally, this tool will help you take all the right decisions that will ultimately convert your users.

Conversion Story: PromonTech used UserTesting to capture human insights and found that their customers were finding the interface of their Borrower Wallet’s application checklist confusing and difficult to use.

After implementing the feedback, PromonTech witnessed more than a whopping 250% increase in customer satisfaction!

Even brands like Subway use UserTesting to find new invaluable insights into what their customers want and like.

2. Outgrow — For Interactive Content

Did you know pages with interactive content can fetch a 30–40% conversion rate at an average, as compared to 8–10% for traditional landing pages?

Interactive content types at Outgrow like quizzes, calculators, surveys, and assessments have the capability of engaging your visitors in a much more targeted manner. The level of engagement also makes the users much more willing to provide their lead info, resulting in a robust lead generation, nurturing, and segmentation process. Finally, achieving efficiency in these processes leads to a sure-shot increase in conversions!

Read this to know about elements that you should include on your homepage to increase your website conversion rate.

Conversion Story: Get Paid for Your Pad (GPYP) used Outgrow to build an assessment to help property owners know the performance of their Airbnb listing.

And guess what? — they saw a stellar 41% conversion rate with just this interactive calculator. To make the context clearer, they had never seen a double-digit conversion rate earlier. Moreover, Outgrow even helped with lead generation as 60% of the users taking the quiz provided their info.

3. SumoMe — For List Building

Conversions follow when you have leads. And, Sumo’s List Builder is a fantastic way of converting first-time visitors into lifelong customers.

It allows you to make attractive pop-ups, welcome mats, CTA, scroll boxes, smart bars, and a lot more! You can even time these pop-ups on your webpages on the basis of time spent by the user or level of engagement on the website! You will be relieved to find a simple-to-use drag-and-drop interface to boost your conversion rates without much hassle.

Conversion Story: Robbie Richards was thrilled to announce that he collected 2,239 email subscribers in 117 days by using the Sumo’s List Builder.

Moreover, he proudly said that he was able to do it with zero budget, zero connections, and a small social media following.

4. OptinMonster — For Exit-Intent Conversion

Exit-Intent® technology is a signature feature offered by OptinMonster that helps convert visitors, intending to abandon your website, into subscribers and customers.

It uses a behavioral technology that tracks and monitors movements of visitors and offers you an opportunity to show them a targeted message or a personalized offer through a popup right before they’re gone forever.

Why is this important? — Because more than 70% of the visitors abandoning your website never return. And, all your marketing efforts go to waste, right?

An exit-intent technology creates the environment to tap an additional 2–4% of your visitors converting them into email subscribers and soon into paying customers.

OptinMonster also helps you with A/B testing of these elements to get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not. This ultimately helps reduce cart abandonment issues and foster sales.

Conversion Story: Shockbyte opted for OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent popups and reported that it more than doubled their sales conversion rate.

Shockbyte also ascribed 52% of its sales to the OptinMonster campaigns and said that their business grew 10X in the 3 years of using OptinMonster.

5. Mention — For Social Media Monitoring

Mention is a real-time social media monitoring tool that helps you learn what people are saying about your brand online. Often, dissatisfied customers end up converting into bad influencers on social media. And, that can seriously hit your brand.

Hence, try using Mention to engage with your audience and improve your user experience online and boost conversion rates. Plus, one satisfied customer will spread the good word and further enhance your conversion rates.

Conversion Story: Mention helped Edelman to analyze the most important social media metrics for its clients with optimized social media reports that helped them satisfy users and foster conversions.

6. Owler — For Competitors’ Analysis

Owler is a tool that lets you find all the details on your competitors. It becomes easier to track the companies that you look up to and understand their growth strategies. With Owler, you can keep a tab on the industry trends and competitors, giving you an enhanced perspective of the areas you lag behind and can improve on to increase your conversion rate.

Owler also provides smarter real-time news alerts for intellectual executives, marketers and sales professionals. The alerts cover over 15 types of events including new product launches, partnerships, key hires, conference sponsorship, record earnings, layoffs and more.

Conversion Story: Rekener used Owler’s Competitive Graph, to discover accounts that match the ideal customer profile of their clients.

Using Owler’s APIs for over three years, Rekener gets deep analysis and smart recommendations because of the clean and reliable data Owler provides through its advanced segmentation analysis.

They even found hundreds of net-new target accounts for a sales team to hunt, which increases their conversion potential by millions of dollars.

7. Magento Commerce — For Business Intelligence & Analytics

Magento Commerce is an efficient analytics platform and business intelligence tool, especially for SaaS and e-commerce companies.

It provides you with an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that fosters growth through smart data and efficient decision-making strategies. This tool lets you easily analyze and visualize vital reports like your average customer lifetime value, highest selling products, the retention rate of customers calling your support line, the performance of your Facebook ads, and much more. This gives you a clear understanding of how your business is performing so you can make the right decisions to compete.

With Magento Commerce, you will be covered in all the aspects of B2B e-commerce, global expansion, and digital transformation.

Conversion Story: StudyMode used Magento Commerce to analyze the user engagement data and revealed that they grew the engagement by over 400% in less than a year.

8. GoSquared — For Live Chat & Action History

Going without a live chat on your website is like running an offline shop without anyone at the counter. GoSquared helps your brand be there for every visitor and engage them right when they are browsing on your website to secure conversions.

A survey by Agendize reveals that the live chat interaction brings an astonishing 83% sales conversions.

GoSquared is backed by a powerful analytics engine. It gives you the power to view the full visitor’s action history that led up to the conversation.

This magic tool will also automatically fetch the user’s social information, boosting your conversion rates.

Conversion Story: TableCrowd used GoSquared and proudly revealed that it increased their conversion rate from free members to paying members by 20%.

9. Optimizely — For Website A/B And Multivariate Testing

Getting traffic on your website is of no good if your website is not optimized for conversions. So, it’s clever to keep a check on what’s working out for your customers.

The path to increasing website conversion rate involves testing, discovering, and implementing a strategy to improve. Optimizely helps brands conduct tests for their websites across all devices and platforms. This helps in understanding what messages, imageries, and offers are working the best to help increase conversion, retention, and lifetime value.

Optimizely Web Experimentation has a very powerful front-end A/B and multi-page experimentation product. This helps assess which control groups are significant and where to make changes.

Conversion Story: HP, with its focus on experimentation, tried various testing for their platform and carried out 490 campaigns to score an incremental $21 million in revenue with Optimizely.

On The Concluding Note…

You may have the most solid foundations, quality products, and high potential. You would also be spending a considerable amount of time and effort on your marketing strategy. So, just make sure it is not all for nothing. Conversion rate optimization is a real thing! And, taking it lightly can become a wound in the long run.

First, assess in what areas your marketing needs to improve, and then realize that it’s impossible to do it alone.

So, why not use what technology is providing? Get interactive and employ these 9 conversion rate optimization tools today and make a real impact on your bottom line.




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