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Undoubtedly, a lot has happened and changed in the marketing world in the previous year. Brands are trying to get the maximum out of their marketing efforts with the tried and tested email designs. However, we anticipate some changes in the email design trends as marketers try to bring freshness to the subscriber’s inbox and level up their email marketing.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Bold Typography will continue to play the HERO in emails

There was a time when marketers relied on visuals for playing the hero in their emails. However, bold typography has turned out to be a welcome change for email designs.

Here’s an email that shows how bold typeface is used to draw the recipient’s attention and prompt them to scroll through the email. It is a great way to pique their curiosity and get them to take action. …

There is no denying that content marketing is still one of the most powerful strategies B2B and B2C marketers use to get more traffic and conversions. And, when we talk about content marketing, we can’t really skip interactive content, can we? 88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors. This makes interactive content an inherent part of content marketing, and hence lead generation through content marketing a big hit.

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Moreover, Demand Metric estimates that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing techniques, while it generates at least 3 times as many leads.

Let us show you what interactive content is and how you can create such content that’s engaging and acts as a lead magnet for your business. …

Holiday Marketing has always been a head-scratcher. And since 2020 has been extraordinarily different, we thought of sharing some ideas with you for a holiday marketing campaign.

Let’s start with a happy fact — sales go up during the holidays. But hey! It’s 2020 and we are fighting an invisible enemy — the Coronavirus. And with all the restrictions, it’s obvious that we can’t expect offline holiday sales to surge.

On the other hand, we can assume that customers would prefer to buy from the comfort and safety of their homes. And according to a prediction made in Feb 2020, online retail sales during the holiday season are expected to increase by 3.4% amounting to $1.042 …

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Organic marketing strategy can help you thrive only if you do it right. The following tips will all but ensure your success and help you with your lead generation and conversion without wasting your time or money.

Ideally, marketers would like to generate more leads and convert more customers with easy organic marketing strategies. However, this isn’t always possible, mostly because organic marketing isn’t taken very seriously.

Apparently, these quizzes are flames of a fire, started by BuzzFeed that no one can douse! The popularity is immense and now ecommerce marketers use these interactive quizzes for customer intel. If your ecommerce sales are in a slump, you are not alone. It happens to even the best of brands. Yet, there are a few of them that have cracked the code and are celebrating their conversion rate spikes. Yes, they have been able to drive ecommerce sales and conversions through a product recommendation quiz. Let’s see how!

In short, ecommerce recommendation quizzes are a game-changer. Being engaging, they make website visitors become interested in your products. …

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Caption: The U.S. affiliate marketing industry is growing steadily. (Source: Statista)

Getting into the affiliate marketing business can be as easy as slapping together a website with some content. However, actually growing the business to a point where you can earn a decent income is a different matter altogether.

Let’s be honest, the affiliate marketing industry is growing at relatively decent rates. Since 2015 we’ve observed a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 10%. As a whole, the industry is expected to hit $6.82 billion this year in the U.S. alone.

That’s a lot of pie to share — but the crowd clamoring for pie is growing even fiercer. Because of that, you need concrete strategies and effective tools to stay relevant in this space. …

COVID-19 has pushed many people who would normally work in the office into working from home. Marketers are one group of professionals who are having to adapt to this way of working. For some, being closer to family and having the chance to wake up a bit later has been great. For others, not being able to socialize and using the kitchen table as an office is proving to be a bit of a pain. Whatever be the case, remote work is staying for the time being — making now the perfect time to get ahead in the game. …

Not long ago marketing automation was about email templates, sequences, and mail merge features; but it has evolved. Marketing itself has changed. Now, there are many more things to consider while choosing marketing automation tools.

Marketing automation relieves tired marketers of the mundane tasks in their daily schedule, helping them focus on what they want to focus on.

I think I can speak for most marketers when I say… we want more time to be creative.

Marketing automation used to be restricted to creating email templates, email sequences, and mail merge features. But today, the process has evolved.

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Alas, the internet is awash with articles from marketing automation companies trying to sell you their tools; but this article is different. …

The business world is becoming increasingly fast-paced and complex. As companies struggle to stay ahead of the curve in an era of endless information, a new demand has begun to develop. Webinars are now an exceptional way for businesses to demonstrate their thought leadership, capture the attention of their target audience, and deliver education at scale.

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Now that everyday people are struggling to find the time to attend classes and seminars in-person, digital solutions allow them to access the information they need conveniently. …

There are countless benefits to having an abundance of customer reviews. This feedback increases trust, drives brand authenticity, and offers you the opportunity to engage with your customers. But did you know customer reviews can also fuel your content marketing strategy?

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Content marketing, a form of marketing focused on attracting an audience by publishing relevant content, has long-relied on full-time writers that will own the creation of content from research to publishing.

While we don’t expect that to change any time soon, there is something that most content marketers don’t know. …



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