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Why Should You Create an Interactive Calculator?

We talked about the benefits of calculators beyond just calculations. Let’s see what they are –

1. Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads is one of the most important objectives for any marketer’s strategies. And interactive content such as calculators is a cost-saving and effective way of generating leads. Calculators provide personalized and specific solutions to problems. This encourages people to give in lead information. Moreover, a user who has shown an interest in using the calculator has more potential of turning into a paying customer.

2. Customer Engagement

Your customers need to be engaged, period. It is no longer the 1900s and marketing has come a long, long way. Customers today are interested in making conscious choices of the kind of products they want to be associated with. Indulging in one-sided salesy conversations is definitely not going to give you the conversions you need.

3. Value Addition

Offer solutions that add value to your customers. A person looking to take a loan from your bank would benefit much more from an interest payment calculator. It would give them results based on their terms and conditions.

4. Customer Information

Companies spend a lot of time, effort and money on collecting customer information. We’ve all been there. *Enter: Interactive calculators.* Here’s a cost-effective and quick way to gain user information while giving them actual solutions in return.

5. Increased Traffic

The shareability rate of interactive content is 38% while that of static content is 17%. It is attractive to the general audience and people who use it are more likely to share it on social media. Interactive content gives results that are specifically about the user and well, people sure do like to talk about themselves. This allows you to reach a much wider audience using interactive content. Thus, increasing traffic on your website.

6. Smooth Customer Experience

Interactive calculators are a great way of enhancing your customers’ experience with you. Their buyer’s journey gets shortened as they move through the funnel. With interactive calculators, your audience does not have to wait for queries to get solved. They can find out their solutions after giving in their lead information. It educates your users along the way and helps avoid any roadblocks.

Types of Interactive Calculators You Can Create for Different Industries

1. Mortgage Calculator

Nobody likes financial calculations, even though the guys of Wall Street might disagree with us. But calculators sure can be helpful to anyone! Suppose you are an individual financial consultant. You give advice to people on how they should invest and spend their money. You advise them on their borrowings and their savings.

2. BMI Calculator

We’re a generation of organic foods, veganism, kale and quinoa. So, there are no guesses as to whether the nutrition and fitness industries are booming or not. BMI is a significant metric when it comes to maintaining good health. Whether you’re a gym, a dietician, a nutritionist, or a yoga instructor, you can always benefit your audience with a BMI calculator.

3. Loan Calculator

Taking or giving loans can be tricky. You don’t always know what lies ahead of you and a calculator can help you a lot in such situations. Suppose you’re a bank and you want your customers to be at ease while making any borrowing decisions. You can embed an EMI loan calculator on your website in order to help them assess their installment costs.

4. Cost Calculator

When you avail a service, there are costs. When you offer a service, there are costs. And does it not help to know what they will be based on your specific requirements?

5. IQ Calculator

Now that we’re talking of industries, why should the education sector be left out? In fact, you can create various aptitude and other tests using the Outgrow builder. Ain’t that truly multi-purpose?

6. ROI Calculator

Looks like we saved the best for the last! ROI or Return on Investment calculators helps one know the benefits they would get out of availing a service or using a product. Every ROI calculator would have different metrics based on the service one offers.

How to Create a Calculator With Outgrow?

You’re pretty much caught up on why you should make a calculator in the first place. Let’s have a look at how you can create a calculator for your website –

1) Log In:

Log in to your Outgrow account and select “Calculator” as the content type from your dashboard.

2) Choose Template:

This will take you to a page where you can either select a premade template or start from scratch. You’ll also find multiple industry-standard calculator examples created for you to get some inspiration and ideas.

3) Welcome Screen:

Now, you’re taken to the builder. Simply choose the appropriate heading, background picture, and button text for your welcome screen.

4) Drag and Drop Builder:

The builder is divided into three sections. Using the left panel, you can add, delete and rearrange your questions. The right panel helps you make edits to your questions and options.

5) Ask Questions:

You can add any number of questions you want to ask your audience from the left bar. The Outgrow builder further offers different question types like text input, alpha-numeric input, single select, opinion scale, rating, slider, date/time picker, etc.

6) Add Lead Generation Form:

Lead generation is one of the most important steps for any business. Adding a lead generation form in your content will allow you to fetch details of your students, employees, or customers. You can place the form on: welcome screen, after questions, or the result page.

7) Configure:

Under the configure tab, you can change the calculator’s URL according to your wish or set up Google and Facebook pixels for tracking your calculator. You can also choose to send an automated email to the users or to yourself when they use the calculator. The Outgrow builder also gives you the option to configure your embeds, HTML, and 3rd party integrations in this section.

9) Analyze:

After publishing the calculator, its detailed performance could be measured under the Analyze tab. You can view total visitors, traffic, and other user details under this section.

How Can You Promote Your Calculator?

You’ve learned how to create an interactive calculator for your website, congratulations! Now it’s time to set it free into the world to bring you back those qualified leads that we’ve been talking about.


Now if you were to take part in a calculator-making contest, you’d definitely beat anyone for sure. Have any interesting ideas to make your first calculator? Now that you know how to create a calculator for your website, try Outgrow’s 7-day free trial today!

FAQs About Calculators

1. How to create an ROI calculator?



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