How to Create a Personality Quiz [Easy Steps+Tips]

‘Damn! How do they do this?’ Ain’t this the thought that strikes when you’re sucked into a black hole of Buzzfeed quizzes? As marketers (and consumers of such quizzes ourselves), we cannot afford to ignore the sheer engagement and virality of personality quizzes. Keeping all this in mind, we’re back with another set of tips on how you can create a personality quiz as engaging as Buzzfeed’s on your own!

Before we dive into the particulars of how to create a personality quiz with quiz maker software, let’s clear up some basics.

What Is a Personality Quiz?

Personality quizzes are a type of outcome quiz that lets you find out more about your personality. They are a fun way for participants to fulfill their deep desires of finding out more about who they are as an individual.

Personality quizzes online are basically a modern adaptation of the personality types tests seen in magazines before the era of digital content. And the digital aspect of these fun personality tests makes them more rapid and easily accessible no matter which device we’re on.

But what makes a personality quiz work so well?

What Makes a Personality Quiz Tick?

Fun psychological personality tests are abundantly available online. And there are multiple reasons why everyone is keen to make or participate in such quizzes. They combine our innate inquisitive nature with our eagerness for instant responses.

Personality test questions give individuals an opportunity for personal exploration and start a conversation on the topic of self.

Moreover, the best personality quizzes also give us a chance to refresh our minds by consuming some engaging and interactive content. Their unique and personalized results are also why users are encouraged to look forward to taking them.

“Did you know? — 77% of all Playbuzz quizzes that have been shared 100,000 times or more are personality quizzes.”

All of these reasons combined are the secret behind why consumers love to indulge in fun personality tests and quizzes. In fact, incorporating personality quizzes can also be a boon to your brand’s marketing strategies. Read on to find out how.

Why Create a Personality Quiz?

Personality quizzes enable you to achieve the most optimum outcomes for your marketing strategies. Notable reasons why you should start dabbling in the world of personality quizzes and quiz maker software are -

  • Not only do personality quizzes provide personalized results to your customers, but they are also much more unique than generic marketing strategies. Thus, they can help retain your existing customers by engaging with exciting content.
  • Embedding your personality quiz on your website or sharing it on social media can help grow email newsletter lists and gain new leads.
  • Presenting enticing personality quizzes as part of your brand’s marketing strategies can also help increase traffic to your channels.
  • Responses from your customers will ensure you gather relevant leads and further get advanced insights into your audience.

Here are some solid personality quiz statistics -

  • 81% of managers acknowledge the attention-grabbing effect of quizzes.
  • Moreover, statistics also revealed that personality quizzes are 40 times more likely to be shared on various platforms.
  • 69% of marketers agree quizzes are extremely effective in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.

Want to see these stats in action? Here’s an excellent personality quiz case study for you!

  • Barões Digital Publishing, a publishing house in Brazil, gathered 2000 leads, 63,000 visits, and almost a 35% conversion rate by sharing a quiz titled “Which City Should You Move To in 2021” made using Outgrow’s free online quiz maker software.

To achieve these statistics and create the best personality quizzes yourself, ensure that you are using an easily customizable and no-code personality quiz maker.

Why Does the Outgrow Quiz Maker Stand Out?

Now that you’ve learned about the basics and benefits of personality quizzes, you must be wondering how to create your own personality quiz and which quiz maker software to use.

Well, it’s not us but our satisfied users who say that by using Outgrow’s quiz maker software, your quiz could be one of the best personality quizzes out there.

Outgrow’s quiz maker provides access to various perks such as -

  • Optimized quiz layouts for conversion, engagement, different browsers, and screen sizes.
  • No code, hassle-free quiz maker that can help you create a personality quiz in minutes.
  • Powerful funnel analytics to check conversion rates at each stage of the quiz and detailed analytics for each user.
  • Various options to embed your personality quiz anywhere and anyhow — from full screen embeds, to iframe embeds and embeds as pop-ups or chatbots
  • Integrations to over 1000 sales and marketing tools.

When you create a personality quiz with Outgrow’s free online quiz maker, you’ll be presented with a few options. These options fall under two broad categories -

Psychological personality quizzes — These are backed by research and premade personality templates. They include character assessments for different personality types (eg. Myers-Brigg personality test, Jung’s character typology, Dominant trait test), career recommendations, and IQ tests.


Fun personality tests — (eg. what is your spirit animal, which Halloween treat are you, who is your celebrity alter-ego, etc.) derive their subject and personality test questions from pop culture and have entertainment at their core. For example, you can make outfit recommendations based on a favorite character from GOT.

Next up, let’s talk about the different steps of creating your personality quiz on Outgrow.

Set the Context

The first point to keep in mind is that the context for your quiz should be clear and consistent. This will ensure that more users participate and provide valuable data.

The best personality quizzes ensure the respective attributes are shared between the questions and the corresponding product and that this association is clear to the user.

For instance, if you create a personality quiz title Which Queen’s Gambit character are you?”, ensure that an outcome of Harry Beltik which corresponds to Harry’s passionate and perceptive character, and the general theme of the quiz.

Once you have taken care of the necessary background work you can start the process of creating the quiz.

Choose a Layout

A personality test is a type of outcome-based quiz. It takes input and displays an outcome, which shares a thematic connection with the most recurring response. To start building a personality test on Outgrow, you will need to first select a layout of your preference.

The rule of thumb is to consider the various input modes (i.e. dropdown, opinion slider, or single-select) you wish to include in your quiz. Your personality quiz questions should ideally include different input modes to create a more intriguing experience for your users.

Once this is done, you can move on to the actual quiz creation process.

Create Your Quiz

The next thing is to decide the title for your quiz. You can edit the title on the welcome screen, along with a CTA button that prompts the user to start the quiz. You can also include a subheading to add more clarity to the subject of the quiz.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while writing the title:

1. The best personality quizzes ensure their titles are short and crisp.

2. A title with the word “you” is a surefire way to attract more clicks.

3. Use the title to convey a challenge eg. “Can you name all the Bridgerton characters?”

To help you curate better titles and an interesting landing page, we’ve compiled a list of best practices that you can find here.

Now, it’s time to populate the quiz with the questions you intend to ask and the input options you wish to provide. You need to ensure that the quiz is not too long, i.e. try not to add more than 10 questions, segregate them into sections if you need to add more.

Your personality quiz questions don’t need to be too philosophical that require the users to think too much. Remember — you’re trying to grab attention and engage users here, so short is indeed sweet.

While formulating the options for each question ensure that all options are mapped to an outcome that will determine the final result.

You can get an overview of the quiz creation process here.

Craft the Outcomes

Once you have edited your personality quiz questions and possible answers, it’s time to create the outcomes. The outcome of a personality test needs to be akin to the punchline of a joke. It should be short, punchy, memorable, and should leave the user feeling warm and fuzzy.

If the outcome isn’t encouraging, you may sugarcoat it. But don’t lie, you don’t want the user to leave with a bad aftertaste. Make sure to give all your outcomes a positive spin as this will increase the likelihood of users sharing the same on social media thus attracting more users. Take Buzzfeed for instance, they make sure to always give positive messages on all its outcomes.

Finally, Add the CTA

This is a fantastic opportunity to amplify your quiz’s reach through social share buttons and CTA buttons redirecting users to a specific part of your website.

Outgrow’s free online quiz maker software also provides the option to redirect users to a sign-up page so that they end up becoming a part of your future lead nurturing campaigns. This is an important part and will play a key role in determining the overall value of the quiz.

Here’s a nifty guide to adding multiple outcomes and corresponding CTAs.

Best Practices for Creating a Fun Personality Quiz

Ensure Safety of User Data

An important point to note when you create personalized assessments is to ensure the personal data your customers may share is safe. You should clearly highlight your intentions behind sharing the quiz with your customers.

This can be done by providing clarity about how the data will be used by internal parties only, and not shared with 3rd parties. Your customers should also be given an option to opt out from sharing their data.

Ensuring this will allow you to increase your brand’s trustworthiness with your customers which will further increase brand loyalty and customer participation rates.

Add Aesthetic Elements

Personality quizzes are inherently entertaining by nature, but there are more ways to customize your quiz to be more attractive to your customers. Try incorporating appealing visuals, such as relevant images and gifs wherever possible.

Mind the Number of Questions

The number of questions you provide can also make a difference. Personality quizzes that are short and to the point tend to have a higher completion rate. So try and narrow it down to 6–8 questions with 4–5 maximum options for each one.

Don’t Forget Your SEO Notes

Optimizing your quiz is another major aspect that can transform your quiz’s marketing metrics. Input the correct quiz title and an eye-catching image to make sure you can collect those clicks.

Let it Go Viral

The best personality quizzes, whether they be from the magazine or digital era, are those that allow us to boast about our Harry Potter knowledge to our family and friends!

So when you create a personality quiz for your customers, make sure to give them gloating rights by including social share options that will allow them to share the joy further.

Nurture Your Leads

Another important point is to keep email notifications enabled for users who have participated in your quiz. This will allow your leads to have a copy of their results while also ensuring you can establish a point of contact between your brand and your customers. In fact, this will help you massively for your future marketing campaigns as well.


  1. What are good quiz questions?

For the best personality quiz, the personality quiz questions should be engaging enough to ensure your quiz topic is a success. Here are some sample questions you can use for personality quizzes:

Here are some best practices that’ll help you create questions that make for a smooth customer experience.

2. Can you create your own BuzzFeed Quiz?

Yes, it is extremely easy to create a personality quiz, BuzzFeed style! Using Outgrow’s no-code, hassle-free quiz maker, all you need to do is follow these 5 simple steps -

  1. Set your context
  2. Choose your personality quiz layout
  3. Create your quiz
  4. Craft the outcomes
  5. Add your CTA.

3. How can I make a fun quiz?

5 Tips for Building Awesome Personality Quizzes:

  1. Add visual elements to attract
  2. Mind the number of questions
  3. Don’t forget your SEO notes
  4. Let it go viral with social buttons
  5. Nurture leads with automated email notifications

Get Started Now

Now’s the exciting part, where you create your first personality quiz! Sign up for an Outgrow account for free and get cracking.

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