How to Create an Online Form That Converts!

What Is an Online Form?

An online form, commonly known as a web form or HTML form is nothing but an interactive page designed to capture user inputs.

How to Create Online Forms That Convert

1. Log In

Sign up to the Outgrow dashboard and get started with the form builder free trial.

2. Select the Content-Type

3. Template Selection

4. Form Builder

You are now seeing the Outgrow form builder dashboard. On the welcome screen, you will find a navigation bar on the left, a preview in the center, and an edit bar on the right.

5. Questions

Forms are all about your questions. Hence, Outgrow makes the form builder even more creative with plenty of question types that it houses.

Type of Questions

You can select the question type that suits your form the best.

6. Lead Generation

Let’s be honest here. When you put out that market research form, wouldn’t you want to gather the lead details along with the responses? To help you with this, the form builder provides you with an option to put a lead generation form at the end.

7. Outcome Page

Now is the last impression moment. This can be a good chance to lure your audience with enticing videos or a lucrative offer. Furthermore, you can also link your social media handles here to lead the audience to see your amazing work.

8. Email Configuration

9. Embedding

Finally, it’s time to get your form in action by putting them at various strategic sections of your website. Embedding feature lets you display your form in a pop-up, chat, or custom embed. It is a more interactive way of approaching your audience.

How Can Online Forms Help Businesses?

1. Generates Trustworthy Leads

Online forms are popular because they can capture trustworthy leads. And an online form builder like Outgrow helps you do that with ease. Online forms can be created for any topic and as such can be used by any business to get deep insights into their customers’ needs.

2. Faster to Create, Share and Collect Data

Online forms can be created and shared very quickly. Additionally, the feedback and responses on the form can be monitored in real-time. Therefore, they are a much better alternative to creating and distributing paper forms.

3. Cost-Effective Way to Increase Personalization

Another reason why online forms are rising in popularity is that they are a very cost-effective method of achieving results. Apart from that, they can be customized according to the details you would like to collect. This, therefore, makes them one of the best methods of collecting valuable insights about your customers.

3. Easy to Follow Up and Nurture

Furthermore, online forms can make it very easy for you to follow up with your respondents. Leading online form builders like Outgrow lets you integrate with multiple email automation tools. Therefore, they make it very convenient for you to add them to your mailing list for follow-ups in the future. Remember, nurturing your leads is as important as generating them.

Types of Online Forms

Online forms are used for various purposes like online order forms, online survey forms, etc. Let’s look at the various types of online forms:

1. Online Research Forms

2. Feedback Survey Forms

3. Customer Engagement Surveys

Top Features of No-Code Form Builder

1. Create Exactly What You Want

Outgrow uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) builder. This means you can easily edit your form to make it look exactly how you want. That’s why Outgrow is the best online form builder out there!

2. No Coding Knowledge Required

This is another advantage of the WYSIWYG builder. If you were hesitant about creating your form due to the fear of coding, don’t fret anymore. Once you sign up with Outgrow, you can create as many forms as you like without trying to wrap your head around any coding specifics!

3. Endless Integration Options

Additionally, Outgrow form builder also offers integration to 1000+ apps like HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zoho, etc. This can help sync your lead data and use them in any way you want to.

Tips to Follow When Creating Your Online Form

1. A/B test Your Form

Yes, this is very important! Make sure you have A/B tested the form to check for any discrepancies or errors before sharing it with a larger audience. A/B testing gives you the ability to test run any new updates/changes you may be thinking of implementing to a small group of people first. Then, once you have their opinions and relevant data regarding the new features/changes, you can implement those to the version of the form you’d be sharing publicly.

2. Optimize for Different Devices

Do you always know which device your respondents choose to access your form on? No, right? Hence, make sure they have a delightful experience whether they access it on their desktop, mobile, or tablet.

3. Highlight the Most Relevant Questions

So, we’ve learned how to create an online form for free using Outgrow. But, how do we highlight the most relevant questions? Simple, using Outgrow’s “Logic Jump” feature! This feature allows you to map questions to the results based on the user’s responses. In other words, the form respondents will only see questions that are relevant to them based on their previous responses.

4. Don’t Leave Form-Fillers Hanging!

This is another good tip to keep in mind. Once your respondents have filled the forms, keep the engagement going by sending follow-ups once in a while. For example, you could share recommendation quizzes or discount offers based on their responses.


There you have it! We hope you were able to learn how to create an online form for free, its perks, and the various types of forms you can create for your business.


1. How can I create an online form for free?

  1. Sign up with Outgrow
  2. Select the content type and template
  3. Add your questions
  4. Add the lead generation page
  5. Publish and share

2. Can I create an online form without coding?

Yes! By using Outgrow’s form builder, you can create your very first form in minutes without any coding knowledge.

3. What is the best online form builder?

We’d say Outgrow! With Outgrow’s builder, you can create your forms in a jiffy. There’s no need for any prior coding knowledge and you can access countless integrations and embedding options to edit, organize and share your form how you want!

4. What are the advantages of using forms?

  1. Effective lead generation and nurturing
  2. Faster to create, share and collect data
  3. A cost-effective way to increase personalization



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