How to Make a BuzzFeed Quiz: Everything You Need to Know!

Firstly, What Is a BuzzFeed Style Quiz?

BuzzFeed quizzes are basically personality quizzes that primarily include a bunch of questions about choices and preferences. The user receives outcomes based on their inputs.

Why Do BuzzFeed Quizzes Work?

Well, we will tell you how you can create your own BuzzFeed quiz, but before that, let’s tell you why they are amazing!

1. They Are Fun

How good is it when work mixes up with fun? We think it’s perfect. And, that is why BuzzFeed quizzes work. These quizzes are all about moment marketing. And since they are so topic-buzzy, they drive engagement.

2. They Are Personal

Okay, would you like to read a generic blog about different 2020 disasters, OR would you prefer a quiz that tells you “Which 2020 disaster are you?” We’ll choose the latter definitely. The reason is basic. We’d want something that tells us about us and not the entire world. BuzzFeed quizzes are personal as they give personalized results based on your answers.

3. They Are Shareable

Most of the time when we find something fun on the internet, we feel like sharing it with our friends. It’s basic human nature, we want others to enjoy and like what we like. And honestly, that’s just 10/10 sweet.

Types of BuzzFeed Quizzes

If you thought there’s just one kind of BuzzFeed quiz, you were kidding yourself. The essence might be similar but there are a variety of options for you to choose from. There are certain types of questions that determine the quiz type. These questions and categories are important to help you understand how to make a BuzzFeed quiz more customized.

1. Multiple Choice Quizzes

A multiple-choice quiz is primarily a quiz that, well, gives you multiple choices. It’s that simple.

2. Open-Ended Quizzes

Here you can include anything. Absolutely anything. As long as the topic is fun, you can create a quiz about anything. Have a look at the one we created!

3. Yes or No Quizzes

Let’s keep it simple. Make sure the process is super quick for your audience. And, that’s why Yes or No quizzes work.

4. Polls

Everyone sees (hears) things differently. And polls help you know how many people think like you. Polls are super fun. Check this one out for example. What do you hear: Laurel or Yanny?

5. Fill in the Blanks

These types of quizzes are the most comfortable ones for users. Because the process is so quick. Look at this one we created for example. It tells you what kind of a desk person you are.

Top Features of No-Code Buzzfeed Quiz Maker

Boosts Lead Generation

Yes, we know what you are thinking — “how will a personality quiz bring leads?” We’ll tell you! Imagine creating a super fun quiz, um something like, “Is your humor as deadly as Deadpool?” Tell you what! You can get leads from this too.

Easy to Create

Who wants to put in extra effort when you can get the work done without it. No-code tools do the major work for you. Now all you have to do is just drag and drop (literally). Outgrow’s What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) builder makes the entire quiz-making process easy for you. Our priority is to give our users an A1 experience. And, our builder speaks for itself.

Avant-Garde Analytics

Working without focusing on its output is not the ideal way to go. Creating fun BuzzFeed quizzes to engage users should be your first step and not the last. You need to see if your strategies are working properly or not.

How to Create a BuzzFeed Personality Quiz?

Firstly, you will need to have a quiz maker to make a BuzzFeed quiz for yourself. So, signup to Outgrow for free here and get started. We won’t ask for your credit card details, promise!

1. Before We Move on, Let’s Select the Type of Quiz

When you log into the Outgrow platform, you’re asked to choose between eight types of experiences — numerical calculators, outcome quizzes, assessments, surveys, giveaways, ecommerce recommendations, chatbots, and polls.

2. Building the Actual Experience

There are two ways of going about creating an outcome quiz. You can start by writing the questions first or creating the outcomes.

– Let’s start with the questions for now

List down all your questions and options related to this quiz. Here we have added 8 related questions with each question having multiple options.

– Now create the set of all possible outcomes

To add an outcome, click on OUTCOMES at the end of the left panel. Edit all the outcomes from the right-hand side panel by adding their heading and description.

– Now, it’s mapping-time!

Once you have added all the possible outcomes, you can map each option within each question to an outcome.

3. Capturing Those Leads

Once you’re done with adding questions, and mapping outcomes, you’ll find the option of adding a lead generation form just beside the right-hand panel, after all the questions. This is your Pandora’s Box. Click on this and the lead form properties will pop up on the right panel.

4. Think Search Engines!

Under the Configure tab in the Outgrow builder, you get the option to optimize your quiz for search. You can customize the SEO title, meta description, and see the Google preview.

Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a BuzzFeed Style Quiz

Now that we have already told you the steps to create a BuzzFeed quiz, here are a few things you ought to keep in mind before you start:

1. Buzzfeed Style How to Quizzes: Titles & Themes

BuzzFeed quiz titles aren’t boring. On the contrary, they’re exciting and connect with you almost instantaneously. It’s as if your best friend is sitting right across from you and asking a set of questions. Who wouldn’t then want to take one quiz after another, right?

Let’s see some examples:

The following quiz touches upon YOU as someone in a parallel universe. That is quite a temptation! Of course, the results are inconsequential (does a parallel universe even exist?!), but it’s fun to know an alternate reality about YOURSELF!

2. Visual Cues and Images

On the importance of visuals, Burton in another interview revealed that “since nostalgia is woven into BuzzFeed’s fabric, tying in strong visuals is a must.” As is evident, it can be seen in one of their first successful quizzes of 2013, “Which FRIENDS character are you”. They used the actual color palette and typeface used on the show.

3. Questions

People love it if you talk directly to them and most BuzzFeed quizzes are based on that premise. Similar to the quiz titles, they make generous use of ‘you’ in the questions and that tends to make it seem like a one-to-one conversation. It becomes a personal experience whether people are taking the personality-type quiz or a trivia or assessments.

4. Write Positive Results

Have you ever come across a BuzzFeed quiz result that is mean? No, right? Our observation confirms the same. The results that they write are positive, personal, and visual.

That’s how you get people to talk!

Burton in her HuffPost interview said, “It’s fun, it’s a game. I don’t think that when people answer “Where Should Your Next Vacation Be?”, they are super invested in thinking that that’s going to tell them something really deep about themselves.”

5. Watch the Length of the Quiz

Ideally, your quiz shouldn’t have more than 10 questions, which is what BuzzFeed follows too. Lesser the number of questions the higher the completion rate of the quiz.

6. Easy to share

BuzzFeed knows the power of social media where people share everything. With that in mind, they had to then make it easy for people to share quiz results! If you’ve taken any of their quizzes you’ll notice that the share options are provided right below the answer people get and it is unmissable.


So, now you know the magic formula for how to make a Buzzfeed quiz. It’s really that simple! A quiz can become an interactive way to engage with your target audience without eating upon their time!



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