How to Manage and Grow a Remote Marketing Team Effectively

Why is Remote Working Beneficial to Marketers?

According to Cimabvi, 25% of remote employees are marketers. This implies that a marketing team can efficiently operate from a remote space.

Remote Workers Are Generally Happier

Being able to roll from the bed to the ‘desk’ every day isn’t so bad. Your very own private snack collection is also just a few feet away. And you can wear whatever clothes you like. Not to mention, saving money and time on commuting feels great.

It Benefits The World

Remote working is a great way to connect with the world, as being flexible means being more global.

Ways to Achieve a High-performance Marketing Team

It’s obvious that you need to make sure that people are working in a quiet environment or are prepared for online meetings.

It’s All About The Team

Firstly, try to hire outside of the background of the usual skill sets. This might sound a little counterintuitive. However, it’s important to hire people with a diverse range of skills.

Set Some Rules

You want to give your workers some autonomy. Yet, you don’t want them to take advantage. So, you will have to agree on some ground rules.

Appreciate And Trust Your Staff

It’s important in any role to thank your staff. Though, when working remotely, you don’t get a chance to do that as much.

Helpful Collaboration Tools for Remote Marketing Team

There are plenty of paid and free tools out there that will help remote marketing teams work together. Getting the right tools for your team will mean work getting done more efficiently.



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