Improve Your Lead Segmentation Through Interactive Content

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is any content you create that enables a two-way interaction. An example of interactive content would be a quiz, poll, survey, etc. Interactive content is gaining momentum as it is an excellent way to improve customer satisfaction rates. This kind of content enables customers to find much more personalized, customized answers.

What Is Segmentation?

Now that you are familiar with what interactive content is, this section will talk about what lead segmentation refers to. And why it should be a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy moving forward.

How Do You Segment Leads?

Here are the different categories you can segment your leads into –

1. Geographic

2. Demographic

3. Behavioural

4. Psychographic

How to Segment Leads in Outgrow

1) Segment in Analytics

Once you have published your interactive content, head over to Analytics, and create a filter. You can also use multiple filters to create a segment.

2) Segments in Integration

Now, if you want to divide your leads into different email campaigns, follow these instructions:

Using Outgrow Interactive Content For FB Segmentation

You can create segmented audience lists in your Facebook account based on the info you gathered from your Outgrow experience.

FAQs About Lead Segmentation

How can you score leads with interactive content?

Lead scoring is another marketing strategy that requires you to assign a relevant status to a lead. This determines how suitable a particular lead is to your company’s needs and vice versa. More suitable leads would be assigned a priority status and so forth.

How can you nurture leads with interactive content?

Lead nurturing and lead retention are two more aspects of a marketing strategy. Lead nurturing requires you to develop a relationship with your leads and prospects during the various stages of a buyer’s journey.

How can you retain customers with interactive content?

Lead retention requires you to reach out to cold leads who may have not been as responsive and reactivate your relationship with them again. Out of the countless number of leads you may gain, a big chunk of them may leave halfway through the buyer’s journey.

Before You Go…

We hope that this article gave you all that you needed to know about lead segmentation using interactive content. Have any more points that we could add? Let us know!



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