Is Your Website Designed to Convert?

First, how to acquire the traffic

You work hard to develop a website and optimize it with relevant content and keywords, catchy titles, and well-thought meta descriptions. This boosts the website ranking and brings in a steady flow of traffic. However, search engines change their algorithms often. Thus, obtaining optimal website traffic depends on staying ahead of the curve in the digital landscape.

Last Word on Traffic

Acquiring traffic is one of the primary goals for any business online or in store. But what happens when you have the traffic coming to your website? But, you are not seeing the conversion results that mirror the increase in visitors?

Second, convert the traffic to reach your goals

For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. Guiding customers to your website is important, but if you don’t have the right layout, design and message, you will miss out on revenue opportunities by not converting web traffic into paying customers.

Enhance your Website Efforts to Increase Revenue with these three Steps.

Set your conversion goals

According to Adobe and Venture Beat, the top converting companies spend more than 5% of their budgets on optimization and see an average ROI on CRO tools of 223%. A conversion doesn’t always have to be an online purchase. Contact forms, demo requests and download forms from the content you create are all examples of conversions. Is your goal simply revenue-focused or are you trying to improve in other areas such as newsletter signups, referrals or social media engagement? No matter the goal, be sure to set it in advance so that you will be able to examine website performance accurately.

Create a Hypothesis

When is the last time you audited your website? Is your current website design and message positioned to engage your customers and guide them in the direction to convert? Create thorough buyer personas of your target audience. Then, engineer an action plan that hypothesizes a variation of your website. This should better match your customer’s interests and draw them to take action.


After extensive goal preparation and hypothesis development, it is time to test. There are several A/B tests you can run to optimize your website for conversions. New button colors, calls-to-action and layout are just a few test to try out. Outgrow’s very own Khyati Sehgal reports that some of highest performing interactive content techniques include quizzes, calculators, surveys, assessments, videos, infographics and web pages. Why? Sehgal tells us that interactive content offers personalized experiences that make your audience feel special, and most importantly, you’ll see an increase in lead generation and conversion rates. So don’t be afraid to change up the way you collect your data. Use more interactive content instead of static form pages.

Last tip: Continue to test!

Collect goal reporting before and after the test. You can evaluate the old website version alongside the variant, but remember never to stop testing. Test and then test again. After all, there is always room for improvement. Do more testing, your conversion rate will sky-rocket.



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