Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Leads.PH Helped Clients Using Outgrow

Leads.PH And The Client

Leads.PH is a Philippines-based digital marketing agency that uses the strategies of inbound marketing to help businesses grow. They are specialists in the field and create multi-channel strategies that connect companies to people. Leads.ph helps implement these marketing strategies in creative ways. They were established in 2007. And since then, they have helped companies across industries and of all sizes. And what’s more important is, that none of their strategies have ever been the same. All of their plans are based on specialized formulas and experiences, but their technique always differs from brand to brand.

How Did Outgrow Help?

Well, outcome quizzes are probably our favorite type of interactive content. It’s engaging, fun and enticing to leads. So naturally, our clients like it too!

Benefits Of The Quiz

Now that we’ve seen how Leads.PH made use of Outgrow, let’s get into the details of how the quiz worked in their favor.

1. High Lead Generation

Well, with 42629 leads, the quiz definitely aced at lead generation. The quiz was short, user friendly and fun, which led to so many people giving in their lead information. Apart from that, the quiz also got almost 120153 visits, amounting to a conversion rate of 36%. And all it took was one quiz to give such great results. Since the quiz offered something that was more relevant to the potential buyer, and not the seller, it appealed to a lot of people.

2. Improved Customer Analysis

Outgrow lets you look at the response of every user who has taken the quiz, whether they have filled the lead form or not. You can track their journey through the quiz — the questions they answered the ones they did not, where they left the quiz, etc. So not only does that help you get a better understanding of your quiz performance, but also of what your quiz takers think of your content. You get a sense of what they like and save a lot of effort on your market research. In fact, this is how Outgrow helped Leads.PH with their product development efforts.

3. Retargeting

Now that you have the responses of your leads and their results, you can categorize them as per their tastes, preferences, actions, etc. And you can also use this information to target them with more relevant content.

4. Social Media Visibility

Interactive content statistics show that 96% of users who start Buzzfeed quizzes finish them. Users love taking personality quizzes as part of a trend. And this becomes a trend when it gains a certain amount of social media visibility. The social media integrations made it very easy for people to share their results on various platforms. Thereby, helping the brand reach a wider audience and driving more traffic. The social media share becomes a trust factor for other people and convinces them to take the quiz too. Thus helping Singlemalt.ph gain more traffic, and more leads.


We had a lot of fun talking about this interactive quiz case study and we hope that you had as much fun reading about it! A single quiz helped Singlemalt.ph gain a lot of leads and helped Leads.PH to retain a great client!



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