Please Don’t Go! : 9 Ways to Power up Exit Intent Pop Ups for More Leads

7 min readAug 8, 2018


Here’s an interesting story: We conducted a poll in our office. Our aim was to understand the importance of optimizing exit intent pop ups. We started by asking one question to all the participants.

“What’s worse than someone leaving you when you want them to stay?”

Exactly 97.64% of them replied along the lines of this answer:

“Realizing that they would have given you money if they stayed.”

Okay, maybe this statistic was based on largely unscientific methods. Here’s another one that might help our cause:


Now that you have a conclusive proof about the converting power of that exit pop ups, let’s get on with our search to find out what will make your lead generation game pop (get it?)

Here are 10 powerful solutions that can help you accelerate conversion rates using exit intent pop ups.

1) Design

Design won’t save the world, but it damn sure will make it look good. Same goes for exit intent pop ups. Make your pop up look so good that the visitor is forced to stay with you. The design of the pop up must be in sync with the rest of the website — its color, font, and design. Meanwhile, it is equally important to understand the difference between ‘enticing’ and ‘flashy’. Don’t want your customers to detract from the message you want to convey, right?

Take a look at this pop up by Five Four Club. The design of the pop up is of the same color and font as the website. And of course, it’s got the square pop up design going for it. Afterall, 80% of the pop ups that convert are square shaped. The clear and precise CTA coupled with an attractive background? You have got yourself a lead!

2) Employ Humor and Wit

Now that we have covered how the pop up is going to look, let’s discuss what it is going to say. According to research, almost 80% of college kids remember the ads that make them laugh and influence further buying practice. If someone decides to leave your website without engaging, lure them in by making them laugh. Take a look at this article by Cloudnames to understand just why pop ups may lead to lots of LOL’s- lot of leads, of course.

Take a look at this humorous pop up by Jacob King for a SEO course. Even though this pop up is not particularly attractive, it arrests the viewers with it’s catchy content. You have to pay special emphasis on the fact that your pop up should not be averse to your brand’s tone of voice just for the sake of humour.

3) Offering Giveaways and Discounts

When does anyone ever refuse a free treat? Sometimes, customers are not ready to commit to your product/services. What do you do in such a situation? Give them a taste of it for free! Offer discounts, giveaways, free trials etc. to the customers through the exit intent pop ups.

When it comes to offering discounts through exit intent pop-ups, nobody does it better than the Contouring Online Store. The no-fuss design of the pop up conveys the precise value of the offer. One thing’s for sure: This one’s definitely a show-stopper.

4) Segmenting

Arthur Schopenhauer once said ‘talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see’. This seemingly unrelated quote can teach us a lot about segmenting the exit intent pop ups. Non-segmented pop ups can not only make you miss out on lead opportunities but also provide a bad user experience. The pop up must be related to what the customer was browsing on your website. For instance, if someone is browsing through the women’s apparel section of your ecommerce website, do not showcase a pop up featuring men’s apparel. Don’t make a shot in the dark, you might just kill a prospect.

This exit intent pop up by Leesa is a work of art. The pop up offers a discount on the specific mattress that is searched by the customer. Furthermore, the countdown timer creates a sense of urgency, adding the finishing touch to the masterpiece.

5) Personalization

This tip can be easily confused with segmentation. Since we started that topic with a defining quote, it’s only fair we do the same here. This quote by Saul Alinsky will help you differentiate between the two: “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” You have already picked the target, now it’s time to personalize it. Mold the content of the pop up in a way that seems personal to the customer. Incorporate personal pronouns to speak directly to the user and make your pop up sound conversational.

Triad Landscaping does personalization right. The use of pronouns coupled with an attractive design is totally worth the stay on the website. The most noteworthy aspect of this pop up is the emphasis given on the button asking the customer to stay. Meanwhile, the ‘no, thanks’ button is colorless and seems like the less preferred option here. If the choice is clean, so will be the prospect’s decision to stay with you.

6) Use Interactive Experience

Interactive experiences have been proved to enhance conversion rate by 40–50%. They allow the visitors to be an active participant with your website. This is a great tactic to make the customer stay with you. In fact, 81% of Marketers think interactive content grabs readers’ attention and gives an opportunity to gather prospects. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

Did You Know: You have the option of embedding Outgrow quizzes and calculators in exit intent pop ups on your website. For instance, you run an ecommerce company that sells sunglasses. How great would it be to have a quiz like this embedded in your pop up?

7) Optimize for Mobile

Chances are that half of your website visitors are browsing it on their phone. 49.7% of them, to be precise. If you do not optimize your exit intent pop up, equal chances are you will miss out on those leads. You can use the same pop up for computers and mobile screens. However, the CTA and text have to be optimally placed. You will be surprised how these little efforts make for a far higher engagement rate.

If you’re looking for clues, here is an excellent example from Timberland. This full screen exit intent pop up is optimized efficiently for the mobile. They offer a sale on their articles through a coupon and personalize the pop up on the basis of the products the visitor was browsing through.

8) Offer Resources

Offering something valuable to the consumers will never disappoint them. Or you, for that matter. You can employ useful resources to convince visitors you are worthy of their time. The best way to do this would be to offer resources like checklists, ebooks, and templates to redirect them to the pages that will bring you more sales. Additionally, you can use these resources to gain prospects.

Just take a look at this exit intent pop up by The Sill. They provide tips on taking care of new plants through this minimalistically designed pop up . This is a classic example of business specific resource as well as a lead generation tactic. And who could ever miss the punny headline: “get the dirt.”

9) Recommendation

Product recommendation is not really a new move in the market, but using it as a tactic for making consumers stay? That’s genius! Here are two statistics to better prove our point:

1) Research indicates that up to 31% of eCommerce site revenues were generated from personalized product recommendations during Q4 2014.

2) Consumer visits where the shopper clicked a recommendation comprise just 7% of visits, but drive an astounding 24% of orders and 26% of revenue.

These stats point towards one thing only: If a customer is interested in your product, recommendation exit pop ups are a sure way to make them stay and buy from you.

Take a look at this exit pop up template by Optimonk:

This template showcases the products related to the one searched by the viewer and might interest them further. You can display products that sell most in that category or new additions to it.

What are you waiting for? Bring out those big guns with ‘You may also like’ pop ups!

As we bid farewell…

We have just spilled the tea on the best ways to optimize your exit intent pop up. What’s better than having convinced a person to stay?

Knowing they will pay to stay with you.

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