Why Beethoven Approves of Inbound Marketing


The first phase of Inbound marketing is to attract the customers. This will require you to create highly relevant and interesting content. You have to create something that compels them to be intrigued in what you have to say.


The next phase is to convert those visitors into leads. Create a detailed customer database and open a conversation in whatever way works best for them- messages, forms or meetings. To increase your conversion rate, it’s important to be mindful of all its components: CTA, landing pages, and thank you pages. Place the CTA strategically. Position it near the content that resonates the most with it.


If you have been doing what we have been telling you to, you have a good number of qualified leads in your pocket. Now you need to close the right leads at the right time. Lead nurturing is a major part of inbound marketing, so you gotta buckle up. Here comes some premium octane knowledge.


You have done the hard work. You have successfully attracted your customers. But how do you make sure they are here to stay?

Some Final Thoughts

All this information is to help you to move onto a more reliable and efficient type of marketing. Just remember, the key to a great inbound marketing strategy is ‘Fermatas’.



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