Will Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Work This Time? [Mistakes+Tips]

Mistakes Marketers Make During the Holiday Marketing Season

Loads of Offers but No Value Addition

People are merry during this time of the year. They won’t mind spending a few (or maybe more) extra bucks. However, they are not blind. They still want value.

Acting Late

Holidays don’t begin with the first day off at work. They start a little earlier, especially for your prospects, thanks to the excitement and cheer they bring along. So, your marketing campaign should start even before that.

Neglecting Competitors

Yes, you need to focus on your game and come up with awesome marketing strategies. However, you also need to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. They are the ones who share the niche space as well as the target audience with you. It’s always beneficial to spend some time analyzing the kind of strategy they’re applying to their paid ads, the kind of posts they’re sending out on social media, their pricing, their offers, etc.

No Uniqueness

Every marketer tries to woo his customers during this time. If you don’t do something unique, you will be lost in the crowd and then none of the above would matter.

How to Fix These Mistakes — Go Interactive

A site decorated with graphics, gifs, offers, interesting blog links, and holiday-themed content is wonderful — and BORING! Prospects see that everywhere. Why would they choose to do business with you?

Interactive Content Case Study for Holiday Marketing

Interactive content forms such as quizzes, calculators, polls, assessments, and recommendations are quite effective when it comes to clocking huge conversion rates.

How to Use Interactive Content to Pull off Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns

You can build a quiz that is personalized for your prospects’ needs and promotes your brand at the same time. And you can make it more interesting during holiday time. Here’s an example of a quiz we created for St. Patrick’s Day.

Bonus: Holiday Marketing Strategies for 2020

You thought that’s all?

1. Go Special, Go Crazy

We’re not talking about giveaways, offers or coupons, or something that you run throughout the holiday season. We are referring to something that is an attention grabber, something that gets you in talks, like a positive publicity stunt.

2. Make Your Kings (and Queens) Happy

We’re talking about your customers. Do extensive research on your target audience and analyze it. You’ll DEFINITELY find at least one pain point that they have. And what can be a better holiday gift than providing a solution or two to someone’s problems?

3. Cash Those Keywords

A lot of marketers forget to cover this aspect. It’s important to start ranking for the holiday keywords. People search a lot during the holidays — gift ideas, clothes, smartphones, and what not! So, it’s best to target relevant holiday keywords and step up your SEO game.

4. Customize Your Website for Holidays

Tapping into the festive mood is quintessential for a successful holiday marketing strategy. Your audience will stay longer on your website if they get the look and feel of festivity on each and every page of your site.

5. Customize Your Logo

Add some holiday-themed elements to your logo. Keep the festive spirit alive. Big brands have been doing it and you should, too. It gives a nice, warm feeling and doesn’t take too much effort. So, don’t leave any stone unturned.

6. Holiday Social Media Marketing

People love browsing through social media and they would do it the most when they have a lot of time in hand i.e. during the holidays! So, if you post 2 times a day, make it 4. If your stories talk about blogs, include holiday-themed blogs as well.

7. Gift Wrap Your Way to Sales

If you are an e-commerce website, you can send your packages gift-wrapped, for that extra holiday touch!

8. Holiday Email Marketing

Instead of just sending holiday email greetings, send special holiday discounts as gifts along. Your customers will be more than happy to receive special email offers and save money.

9. Holiday Marketing Slogans

Use catchy holiday marketing slogans to stand out.

Wrap up

It’s never a bad idea to test out new strategies when it comes to marketing. And as marketers, experiments should top our list of to-dos. So, go ahead and experiment with our holiday marketing tips for 2020. Do let us know if you decide to include some of our holiday marketing tips into your holiday marketing strategy for 2020.



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